Practical Magic for Rational Thinkers
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Practical Magic for Rational Thinkers

Our culture is dominated by a scientific, rational, empirical, mechanistic worldview which presents itself as a complete and sufficient objective description of a definite and fixed external reality. The internal consistency and predictive success of this worldview have caused it to become almost universally internalized and practically unconscious. Nevertheless, the scientific-rational worldview is an ideological system - an interpretive framework, and therefore it overemphasizes certain aspects of our experience and completely ignores or denies the reality of others. The internalization of the scientific-rational perspective is the cause of a great deal of suffering and ugliness at every level of life.

This workshop - a lecture combined with practical exercises - is intended as an antidote to the scientific-rational brainwashing to which most of us have been subjected since birth. It will open your mind to new ways of thinking about your life and the world, new decision-making strategies and new interpretive schema that can eventually alter your very perception of the world and your interaction with it in ways that can fairly be described as magical.

This will not be an argument against the value of science, only an argument for the value of non-scientific ways of thinking.
Sam Sanford is an artist living in Austin.
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