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Herbal Allies for Stress & Anxiety

  • Busy-Being 1601 E 5th St, Ste.102 (map)

The majority of ailments that we face today are in some part related to stress and yet most of us know very little about this amazing function of our bodies. What is actually happening in our body when we are under stress? Why does it permeate so many aspects of our well-being? This lecture based class examines the ways in which our bodies adapt to, process and manifest stress. Plus, we’ll discuss a range of plants that are here to support us in this journey and the best practices for working with them! 

Each student will go home with a tincture blend made in class. Please bring a notebook and something to write with, all other materials will be provided

48hrs advance notice of cancellation is required for a refund on this class.


After a decade of engaging with the plants on his own, Nicholas Weinstein moved to Western Mass where he studied herbal medicine with Brittany Wood Nickerson and Dori Midnight and started a Community Supported Medicine (CSM) program on an organic farm. In 2013 Nic moved back to Oakland CA to open Homestead Apothecary which offers a wide array of herbs, remedies and goods all made, collected or grown by mostly local folks who are passionate about their craft. He also created his own line of herbal medicine products including teas, smoking blends, zines, energetic sprays and a tincture blend line, which incorporates gem essences made with the cycles of the moon.